Dr. Karen Sumser-Lupson

Dr Karen Sumser-Lupson is an international expert for ocean governance and blue economic development, bringing with her a wealth of experience and knowledge having served the sector for over 30 years. This includes a maritime focused PhD, MSc, GDL and PGDip from the University of Plymouth.  Karen is a commissioner and instrumental in setting up the African Maritime Safety and Security Agency, which is a strategic African led venture that will embed the maritime sector and economic benefits for the future generations of Africa as well as enable a positive promotional platform for the global community. Karen’s expertise straddles multiple stakeholder dimensions and she is devoted to increase the global movement to mitigate climate change whilst developing economic opportunities for Regions and National Governments.  Karen is globally recognised for assisting Member States to define the parameters of regional maritime domains and develop the policies and strategic roadmaps necessary to underpin capacity building and facilitating for the economic vitality of oceans and seas. Karen has a particular interest in the development of implementation of inward investment for Africa and other global developing states, and empowering the transition to accelerate economic growth, whilst contributing to global sustainable development goals.  Karen is significant in the development of the Intergovernmental Authority for Development [IGAD] Integrated Maritime Strategy for the Horn of Africa, which included a significant element of blue economic development. She also drafted the Blue Economy roadmap for 13 overseas countries and territories.  Karen amongst others works closely with the United Nations, World bank and is an active member of UNCTAD, and has a professional relationship with the European Commission.