Jerry Prendergast

Jerry Prendergast is the founder of Prendergast and Associates, and has been an adviser and consultant on every type of restaurant project – from creative mall and shopping center restaurants to high profile, large budget operations around the world.

Jerry has developed a reputation for taking the vision of the chef or owner and turning that dream into a profitable business.  His extensive restaurant management experience, along with a lifelong passion for fine food, wine, and high quality service, gives him unique insight into establishing and successfully running a high quality establishment.

He has been retained by large corporations, including Disney, Safeway/Host Marriott, and Festival Companies on such projects as “Encounter” in the landmark theme building at Los Angeles International Airport,” and both the food court and stand alone restaurants in the Royal Hawaiian Center in Honolulu.  He also has worked extensively in New York with numerous fine dining restaurants, including his association with New York Restaurant Group, owners of Smith & Wollensky.  Additionally, many world-class chefs chose Jerry to help them create a variety of one-of-a-kind fine dining establishments, including Los Angeles’ critically acclaimed Divino, Alex, and Melisse.

Jerry is currently based in Los Angeles California.  In addition to his consulting projects, he is actively involved in the local food scene, contributing as a commentator with the LA Business Journal as well as Nations Restaurant News.