Dr. Shelley Sykes

Lady Shelley Sykes is a British born Australian; part owner of a Scottish Castle & substantial Malibu Estate in California, where she currently resides. Ceo of 6 American companies, incorporating music, film, PR, book publishing & her Happycharity. Shelley has an MBA, PhD in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in IT & Journalism and is an award winning Author, Speaker, Producer, Actress
, Singer/Songwriter, Television host, Diplomatic Foreign Correspondant, Designer & Entrepreneur. She has won 5 USA book awards so far, speaks 7 languages, booked globally giving her inspirational keynotes, & licenses her Shelley Sykes Spas. She was nominated Australian of the Year in 2009 & received the USA Susan B Anthony Award in 2012 for her philanthropy, founder of the Happy Charity in 2005. Currently, Shelley has a TV Studio in Malibu USA interviewing celebrities & creating 5 Glamorous TV Show Series being distributed by Warner-Discovery Chanel. She is open to Luxury Product Endorsements & to align with travel, food, beauty & fashion manufacturers & interview anyone of interest for her TV Shows with an inspirational story.