Dr. Shambhu Pokharel

Dr. Shambhu Pokharel is the GLOBAL CEO of CEO CLUB GLOBAL. He is known as Innovation Activist. Dr. Pokharel Holds Wide range of knowledge on International Relations, Diplomacy, Startup and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Economic Ecosystem, International Economics, Supply Chain Ecosystem and Brand Building. Recipient of More Than Dozen International Awards, Dr. Pokharel has been pivotal to drive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Developing Countries and Emerging Cities. Dr. Pokharel is also an architect of the NEW GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM. NEW GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM is the concept of transformation of developing countries into developed one with the help of Policy Reformation/deviation.

Dr. Pokharel is also the Founder and CEO of FRANCHISE GLOBAL, a Global Franchise exchange platform; Founder of Startup Hub Global (Global Startup Incubation Centre). Besides that, Dr. Pokharel is the Global Steering Committee Member of WORLD SOCIAL INNOVATION FORUM, Chairman of CENTER FOR DIPLOMATIC DIALOGUE and International Board of Director of IBM TV-USA.