Dr. Er. Kishor Mehta

Dr. Kishor Mehta is based in Chicago USA  for the last 52 years. Upon establishing a successful professional career as a Chemical Engineer,he got opportunities to work with various organizations as Chairman, Vice Chairman, President, Vice President, Executive Director. 

As a Philanthropist and Community Activist Dr. Mehta has a global exposure in different areas. 
He is Currently working with the Georgia Doty Comprehensive Health Organization (GDCH).  GDCH is a non-profit organization which provides services on three different platforms for Veterans and underprivileged individuals, and raises awareness of community physical and mental health issues via TV and Publications media. And  provides various community outreach programs to bridge the health information gap. Besides that the organization hosts impactful Seminars, Health Fairs, Special Events and distribution of food and clothes. 
Dr. Mehta has also served as Emeritus Chairman of the U.S. Congressman Danny K Davis’s The 7th Congressional district’s Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force (MEATF) which plays an important role in promoting and protecting minorities. His role was to focus on elimination of discrimination pertaining to race, religion, sex, ethnic origin. 
Likewise, Dr. Mehta has recognition as Ambassador of Civility for ICN Org, USA* – ICN believes very strongly in Bringing Back the Lost Art of Honor. 
Dr. Mehta is also the former chair of  AMEC.  AMEC is a bipartisan national grassroots organization that has objectives to empower members of ethnic communities through Social, Educational, Health Care, Economic and political initiatives.