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CEO club Global is the biggest ever conceptualization of widest platform for leaders of foremost Economic, eco-political and Business leaders for shaping Global, Regional, Industrial and sector-based agendas. Putting networking in pivot, CCG has been widely spread with building top level connection and match making of Global super powers. It is the best forum for Nurturing every business of every sectors. Our motto of connecting people is not just for connection, but also for getting People, ideas and opportunities together. In short, we can say CEO Club Global (CCG) is the world’s most influential business leader’s club.

We are headquartered in NY, USA, and eyeing to the every nock and corners of the world for opportunities for the investors and potential ventures. As we are covering all continents and regions, it is the single forum where global opportunities can be explored with single finger tip. Sharing ideas and experiences within the members itself will create the milestone in innovation and creative businesses.

Membership in CEO club Global is by invitations only. Our members will be with the certain size of businesses supported by acquisition or by projections. Insightful presence of every CEO club members itself will make the platform a glittering one. And we know everything that glitters are not gold, we will find out the gold from the glittering ones and put to our members as an opportunity pre-tested and pre-qualified for partnering as well. Our forum will bridge investment-Idea- Technology-industry-Policy-authority together for fostering better business environment.

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Our Core Values

To Congregate Global Economic Leaders and become a Trillion Dollars Club having Every Solution of any kind of Businesses.

To become the Biggest Business Network in the world in terms of net worth and Portfolio having presence over every country in the world.

To have a presence over 100 countries within 2 years catering the business leaders and decision-makers of these countries.

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Vigorous thematic discussions and top level networking



Global impact maker, Industry-thought leaders, Innovators, Change Thinkers, International Experts



C-Suite/CXO level people , Game Changers, International Experts







Global Steering Council

Holmes Stoner
Mr. Holmes H. Stoner Jr

President: CEO CLUB GLOBAL (The Americas) President: American International Chamber of Commerce President:Pacific Rim Chamber Commerce

Holmes Stoner
Dr. Shambhu Pokharel

Global CEO: CEO Club Global CEO: Franchise Global CEO: Startup Hub Global

Holmes Stoner
Dr. Xiaoqiu Ma

Chairperson: Tomo Holdings

Holmes Stoner
Dr. Jimmy Sedghi

Former Ambassador, Influencer

Holmes Stoner
Dr. Er. Kishor Mehta

An Influential Activist: Chicago, USA

Holmes Stoner
Jerry Prendergast

Founder: Prendergast and Associates

Holmes Stoner
Dr. Shelley Sykes

Writer / TV Presenter / Artist


  • Partnership Opportunity
  • Franchise Opportunity (Issuing and Receiving)
  • Venture Opportunity
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Merger and Acquisition Opportunity
  • Cross border Opportunity
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Profitable business Exploration Opportunity
  • Mega Project Funding Opportunity
  • Mega Project Loan Opportunity
  • Technical Partnership Opportunity
  • Outsourcing Opportunity
  • Import/Export Opportunity
  • Licensing Opportunity
  • Niche Product/Sector harvesting Opportunity

  • State Heads/Presidents
  • Prime Ministers & Ministers or p5,
  • Provincial Heads
  • Police Chiefs
  • Army Chiefs
  • World Leaders
  • Ambassadors and Consul Generals
  • Licensing Authority’s heads
  • Decision-makers/Policymakers

  • Corporate members – Corporation having atleast 10M USD turnover.
  • Chairman – With recommendation letter of company having atleast 1M USD turnover.
  • CEO – With recommendation letter of company having atleast 1M USD turnover.
  • Director – With recommendation letter of company having atleast 1M USD turnover.
  • Entrepreneurs – Those entrepreneurs having unicorn concept with atleast 1M USD turnover.
  • High Government official – Complimentary
  • Diplomat – Complimentary

Our Partners

World Social Innovation Forum
Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce
American International Chamber of Commerce


  • Metro Project in Panama- Ongoing
  • Airport project in Nepal- Under negotiation
  • Seaport project in Libya- Under negotiation


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+1 2137379835

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